About Us

The LFC is a family, support system, and a Christian home away from home. We encourage anyone interested in a spiritual life to come join us.


To walk college students into a relationship with God and His kingdom

Ministry Goals

  • To share the word of God with all collegians on campus
  • To make believers into imitators of Jesus
  • To prepare followers to make more followers of Jesus
  • To glorify God with our unity


Deacon of Missions

Chuck Tull

Chuck Tull is the Deacon of Missions in the local church. He and his wife Sarah live in Sulphur Springs with their 3 children: Claire, Sawyer, and Austin, and their dog: Frodo. Chuck works as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual and Sarah works with him as the director of client relations. They enjoy spending time outdoors, fellowship, and Saturdays with no plans.


Collins Ofori

Collins Ofori, a native of Asokwa-Kumasi, Ghana, is a graduate student at TAMUC majoring in Mathematics. He accepted Christ and got baptized as a freshman in KNUST in 2014. His favorite Bible passage is Philippians 4:8. He welcomes everyone with the Gospel. He enjoys watching soccer and he also likes to sing hymns. He joined the Lions for Christ Ministry in the fall 2021. After his upcoming graduation in Spring of 2023, he plans to do his doctorate degree and he also wants to continue preaching the Gospel.

Vice President

Elmar Schütte

All the Glory to Jesus Christ. Elmar Schutte is from South Africa and he does track and field. He is in America to glorify His name. He is a fighter for righteousness and he is passionate to reach people for the Glory of Jesus. As Christians now is an essential time to live out the love of Jesus more then ever. The least we can do is to give everything to Jesus!


Laura Fincher

Laura Fincher is a sophomore at TAMUC. Her major is Sustainable Agriculture, with minors in Horticulture and Spanish. She enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, and embroidery. One of her favorite things about college so far has been connecting with people through the Lions For Christ. In the future, she plans to earn a master’s degree and work in agricultural extension.


Hannah Stotts

Hannah is a Senior Academic Advisor at TAMUC in the College of Science & Engineering and a member of the Commerce church of Christ. She graduated from TAMUC with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration degree. She enjoys spending time with family, thrifting, and watching a good TV show or movie.