About Us

The LFC is a family, support system, and a Christian home away from home. We encourage anyone interested in a spiritual life to come join us.


To walk college students into a relationship with God and His kingdom

Ministry Goals

  • To share the word of God with all collegians on campus
  • To make believers into imitators of Jesus
  • To prepare followers to make more followers of Jesus
  • To glorify God with our unity


Deacon of Missions

Chuck Tull

Chuck Tull is the Deacon of Missions in the local church. He and his wife Sarah live in Sulphur Springs with their 3 children: Claire, Sawyer, and Austin, and their dog: Frodo. Chuck works as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual and Sarah is a counselor for the Upward Bound program at TAMUC. They enjoy spending time outdoors, fellowship, and Saturdays with no plans.

Campus Minister

Luis Carrasco

Luis is married to Huguette. They have 2 baby girls, Naomi & Ava. Luis & Huguette graduated Sunset International Bible Institute in the year 2016. They have served together full time in ministry for the last 3 years. They have done mission work in Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, and the U.S. They see the Campus Ministry as a mission field, and they are excited to make more disciples at Texas A & M Commerce. Luis enjoys traveling, learning about other languages, playing sports, and making new friends.