Overcoming Feeling Blue

On March 12, 2020, my university shifted to online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My parents and I agreed that it was much safer for me to stay at home than to return to my apartment on campus. However, I started feeling pretty blue during the first few weeks at home. I understood that it was the best way to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. Still, I missed my classmates, my friends, and the cafeteria (among other things).

Then one night, I asked myself, “Why are you always in a rush to leave home? You seem like you’re always in a hurry.” I then thought back to all the times it was difficult to focus in class or in church or enjoying time spent with friends and family. All because my mind was focused more on the future.
Perhaps my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 6:34: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Whether you’re concerned about when this pandemic is going to end or about graduating college and finding a job, there’s enough in the current day to worry about. Enjoy that time with your family and friends. Relish that time in class or in church, even when the boredom creeps in. Take the time to savor the food you’re eating. That does not mean to make zero plans for the future, but God doesn’t want us to worry to the point where we make the future our idol.

I’m still learning to apply this lesson to my life. I want to be on campus studying the Bible with my college group and serving others however I can. I would also prefer to be in class instead of taking online classes. However, I understand I’m helping others by staying home to slow the spread. I’m respecting my teachers by working hard on all my assignments. Being home is teaching me to be more patient with my siblings and appreciate their company. I’m also focusing more on a single chapter of the Bible a day rather than binge-reading chapters so I have a better grasp of the content.

One of the lunch ladies at my high school often said, “If you’re worried, pray. If you pray, don’t worry.” Whatever is weighing you down, take a minute to talk to God. Only He knows what tomorrow holds, and He just wants you to live your life trusting and serving Him.

— Dylan St. Clair

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