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Without suffering, there’s no compassion. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to understand why some things happen especially as a Christian. We ask ourselves so many questions and indirectly direct all these questions to God. We ask why God would allow all these things to happen to His people in the world He created by Himself. Irrefutably, the world is mourning, the world is bleeding, Mother Earth is crying for her children. As brethren in Christendom, this is the moment God needs us the most. God surely doesn’t take delight in bad things happening to His people but He surely has plans for His children in whatever that happens on earth, whether good or bad. You and I are reading this now because we’ve been blessed so much by God, we are alive because His mercies have been extended unto us. You and I deserve not the opportunity we have now, it is by the grace of God that we find ourselves alive today.

I take every second of my life now as an opportunity to give something back to God. God doesn’t need our monies to be sent directly to Him but He instructs us to do it for others. He doesn’t require us to comfort Him because He never changes but He requires us to do it for the poor and the weak at this moment. You and I now have the biggest opportunity to be as close as possible to God, even though we cannot physically make it to the church premises and meet brethren as we are used to. It is in this moment that we should always remember, that we owe God a lot and He requires not anything but we doing His will as an appreciation of what He does for us day in and day out.

Let us not forget of those who need our help; the needy on the streets, the lonely and the old aged, the outcasts, who find it difficult to feel the love of others. We can always find ways to keep in touch with them, we can always make them know how much we love them and care about them, we can comfort them. Let’s not forget about all those who have fallen victims to this lethal disease especially those who have lost their lives, those who are on the sick beds battling for their lives and those whose relatives succumbed to this disease and ended up in graves. We should always keep them in our prayers and always keep close to the almighty God even as we are isolated now. Let us have faith and hope that when all human efforts fail, it is He who does it to glorify Himself. He hears us and will do for us in His time. This too shall pass and God will take us out of this mess and heal the world He created.

By: Paul Jr. Owusu

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